Dating zippers

I wrote about eight easy ways to identify your garment as vintage, which helped you to recognize whether that great maxi dress you thrifted was actually from the ’70s or was just a 2012 lookalike.

It’s amazing how history has evolved the most simplest of garment details — and how when you compare pieces of the past, you can begin to see how this “puzzle” of dating vintage clothing isn’t as complicated as you once thought!The Ventura Bike-Pack System luggage is sold in kit form, so you have everything you need in one box to get your luggage on board and hit the road in no time. The motorbikes shown here are only to represent the Bike-pack system kits.There are now nine kits available with various size packs and now the ASTRO Top-Box. The new EVO Sports range is an awesome addition to the Ventura Bike-Pack motorcycle luggage system.The Ventura system offers unprecedented versatility. The frame that holds the pack (known as a Pack-Frame or Pack-Rack) can be removed in a few seconds, you can mount a Top-Box, Grab-Handle, or the smaller Sports-Rack.The bags themselves are available in a variety of sizes, colours and styles.We strive to hit theses dates but sometimes these things are out of our control.


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