Sexy fem bot

They almost succeed, but Austin managed to beat them by "outsexing" them, overloading their processors by giving such a sexually charged striptease, that their own programming was overwhelmed, causing their heads to explode.In the second film, Vanessa, Austin's wife, is revealed to be one of Dr.The two friends were looking for college credit, and they had taken the job since they were into mechanics and stuff.Most of their intern work consisted of taking notes on experiments and tests by the company.This tends to include Robot Hair, sleeker, curvier bodies and bumps on the chest, as well as possible makeup-like patterns on the face.Other Tertiary Sexual Characteristics may also be present.They use knockout gas on him and then drag him into bed.

Evil's plans came to fruition, their pleasing form and seductive behavior appealing to Austin's "free love" personality.

Scientists use a remote control to roll her out on a small train track set up on the lek.

Like the creepy feminina machinas in a little bob of the head is enough to get the males' attention.

Fans of the Transformers toylines and related fiction sometimes use the term to refer to a Female Transformer, and it was used once in the Beast Wars cartoon series.

The Austin Powers versions were a parody to the other Fembots stated above, which looked like beautiful women dressed in sexually provocative outfits and fought with guns hidden in their breasts which can fire knockout gas or bullets.


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